United for change New ideas, new politics

We are creators and innovators from outside politics who are passionate about our country. Bound by vision and values, we can do things differently. By representing the common-sense majority who want effective, problem-solving politics.

Our diverse research holds a focus on disruptive dialogue that seeks truth and change. Identifying policies that deal with the serious problems we face, have reasonable costs and provide a levered benefit to society. We will provide our researched policies to those in a position to make the needed changes.

Our extensively researched policies are rigorous yet accessible and without reference to any ideological tribalism. Our concern lies in what policies are most rational for the country rather than caring if they come from the left or the right.

We are here with new ideas to make urgent change happen. We will continue to develop our policies for the benefit of the country.

United, we will provide for Britain a

  • Dynamic and entrepreneurial economy.
  • Level playing field for all.
  • Strong and compassionate community.

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We are in the process of setting up a new UK political party.
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